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We have found that providing good after-sales service to your customers is a big challenge for most Heads of Sales. One of the keys to be successful in account management is the ability to build strong relationships. We know from experience that relationship selling is one of the most efficient methods. The others include discipline, organization skills, and a team that has a sales funnel which is only open at the top. Acquiring new customers while not being able to retain existing customers is hardly desirable.

When you work with Sophic Services, your account management team here ensures that your customers stay satisfied and their needs are met in a timely manner, leaving your sales team to focus on winning new customers. We are constantly looking for any up sell opportunities and know that it is essential to build good relationships with customers. This is critical; repeat business is one of the main areas that an account management team is measured upon.

It is common that in the struggle of winning new customers, we often forget that our current customers are as important, if not more. This is quite natural, as most sales people are measured by the number of new customers won. The pros are, with the excitement of a customer win, they are enthusiastic about contacting new prospects, which is a good factor for increasing your new sales numbers. However, with no one to focus on your current customers, you run the risk of losing them to competitors who have the resources to provide them with excellent after sales service.

Benefits of Sophic Services Account Management Service:
  • Increased ROI.
  • High probability of repeat business and up sell opportunities.
  • Constant revenue stream from pre-existing customers.
  • Allows your sales team to focus on winning new customers.
  • Opportunity to build a personal relationship with your customers and gain their trust.

We help businesses grow exponentially. Letting you focus on winning new customers while retaining the old ones!