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We understand B2B database marketing. We are specialized in customized B2B data building across the globe from any industry providing 80% to 90% accuracy with opt-in email addresses and other data fields .Your success is our top priority. Our objective is to provide you with the best quality lists for your B2B database marketing. Our data quality process is thorough. Lists are also double- verified against multiple sources as an additional integrity check.

Here at Sophic Services , we work hard to offer the most comprehensive directory of business lists so that you will always have access to the ones that could help you. Our database is more comprehensive and more updated than anything else you will find. Not only do we offer a business database for countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and China, but also we offer selections of business listings for each of those countries. You will find that if you need a business list for a country anywhere in the world, the chances are that we have it. We know that using old and outdated lists can actually harm your business. You may find yourself wasting time sending things to addresses that are no good or that no longer exist.