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B2B Database

We gather all our B2B data from our panel of data experts or through our dedicated team of in-house data cleansers. We test samples of all the data we source to ensure that the customer can access the most highly verified and quality data.
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B2C Database

We also cater consumer requirements based on the specifications provided by our clients.
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Email Campaign

It can be defined as a significant tool to launch campaign programs helping you connect with thousands of prospective customers. If vital resources, manpower and innovative ideas are effectively utilized, then the campaign program can be a money spinning venture.
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Data Appending

Update your in house data or add missing information with recent and accurate data to increase your ROI and reach your prospects easily.
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Profile Building

Know your prospects by acquiring Company’s complete information like: Headquarter, number of employees, Partner details and more.
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List Building

To ensure that your projected campaign achieves desired results, the single biggest challenge faced by companies is List Building; how to accumulate data that is going to be used by the marketing or be used by tele callers. Read More