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A target list is only a list of companies until you put in the effort to determine which companies to pursue. Once you or your team at Sophic Service , have created a target list specific to your company and the needs you address, you will then need a Demand Generation team to get the ball rolling on the sales process. However, these incoming leads will only work to your advantage when you make the right sales effort. We can help your company handle prospects due to the increased traffic to your website, promote webinars, and other online content and generate qualified leads that fit your target market.

Additionally Sophic Service Demand Generation team will help populate your list of incoming leads, help you prioritize that list accordingly and identify prospects to further qualify. We help establish need, budget & time-line and ensure we contact these leads while they are still warm. With Sophic Services we expand your resources at a low cost to provide direct sales efforts to your prospects.

Rather than using marketing automation software that will send a generic e-mail to thousands of people each day, we will use more direct and effective forms of contact such as e-mail marketing, tradeshow visibility, social media marketing, corporate blogging, and mobile application marketing. These marketing techniques not only provide an effective way to reach your target market, they also increase your company’s brand name, facilitating sales further when your brand becomes more recognizable.

Benefits of Sophic Service Demand Generation Program:
  • Increased brand awareness through our marketing efforts.
  • Money saved on market research because we know which techniques are most effective in generating demand for your technology.
  • Proper management of your Target List allows you to focus your resources on the deals that your company is most likely to win.
  • Provide a more personalized connection with your prospects rather than the generic messages they would receive through marketing automation software.

Don’t allow your competitors to sweep potential customers out from you.