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Email Campaign can be defined as a significant tool to launch campaign programs helping you connect with thousands of prospective customers. If vital resources, manpower and innovative ideas are effectively utilized, then the campaign program can be a money spinning venture.

If you believe in this marketing philosophy, we can definitely help you create cost-effective yet powerful marketing programs capturing the reader's attention and influence them to become prospective customers.

Sophic Services is a leading email marketing solution provider specialized in offering online campaign or email campaign services to its clients across globe.

Its key Email Campaign services include
  • New Campaign
  • News Letter Campaign
  • Lead Nurture
  • List Manage
  • Viral Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Campaign Tracking

With our comprehensive Email Marketing services, you can run a trouble-free marketing activity and generate the desired results.

Newsletter Campaign, you can keep your prospects informed about your latest happenings; and with Viral Marketing programs, you can speak in a language that your prospects enjoy and indulge, it includes, leading social networking sites which helps you to launch informal and simple campaign programs.

Whatever is the form of communication, the main objective is to convey the message effectively, influence the prospects and acquire leads. If that has been your goal, then we can be the best choice.