Test-Drive Our B2B Data Quality

At Sophic Services, we believe in transparency and giving you the opportunity to experience the value of our B2B data before committing to a full list.  Our Sample Contacts Plan allows you to explore a limited number of contacts from our extensive database. Start your data-driven journey today.


  • Limited Access: Get a taste of our high-quality B2B data.
  • Exploration: Ideal for evaluating the relevancy and accuracy of our data.
  • Limited to number of contacts: Experience the quality of Sophic Services data with a curated selection.

Pricing plans

Data Acquisition Cost per contact
Acquire 25 leads $25
Acquire 100 leads $50
Acquire 300 leads $100
Acquire 500 leads $150
Acquire more than 500 leads

Just contact at [email protected]

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